In November 2019, our founder and boss lady, the amazing CJ Landry, had a chance encounter at a Barnes and Noble. One stranger caught her attention, and she saw an entire affair unfold with him in the time it took to remove her jacket. That was our beginning. 

Her friends’ real-life support and approval of this “affair” helped birth 5 Minute Affairs and encouraged her to bring this project to life. Unfortunately, a tragedy put the project on hold for a time, but CJ’s at a point where she’s ready to continue. And this time, she’s brought in some friends to help with fixing up the website, editing, photos, and so much more. 

Have you been having some 5-minute affairs of your own? Do you have some juicy tales to tell? We want to hear all about them! You can find submission information below.


It’s when you are struck by someone and imagine what their life is like, where you might fit into it, and what kind of relationship might have been. After it’s over, you move on about your day; that’s an affair for us. It takes place in 5 minutes. We take a picture, edit it so it’s not easily recognizable, and write out the affair. Then we put it here for the world to enjoy, as well as our other social media accounts.


So you had a 5 Minute Affair and want to share it? Maybe you’ve got a great idea for an article? You’ve come to the right place! We’re now accepting all submissions, as long as they follow our guidelines. Showcase your work with us and join our growing list of authors! Check out our submission forms for affairs or articles. Don’t forget to upload a photo to go with your author bio!