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I leaned back, sipped on my coffee, and listened to the other ladies sitting around my living room as they discussed opening the group to a new neighbor. 

Jacquie tossed her curly hair over her shoulder and tipped her chin a little higher. “I don’t see why we have to let other people join us. The current group size is perfect.”

Darla nodded and set her wineglass on the side table. “If we let him join us, the next thing you know, our husbands will want to come, too. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I look forward to our meetings. It’s the only time I get away from Collin that isn’t shopping or running the kids somewhere.”

Sarah smirked and looked over at Jacquie. “You’re only complaining because it’s a man.”

“Of course I am. Men are only good for two things and neither option requires them to be literate.” 

Darla blushed. “Jacquie, really!”

“Oh, come on now Darla. I know you agree with me.” Jacquie leaned forward. “Tell me you wouldn’t just cream yourself if Collin said he wanted to spank you.”

I’ve seen Darla blush, but this was definitely a new shade. I laughed. “Jacquie, behave.”

“Hmph. You know I’m right, Kerry.” Jacquie crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat. 

“I plead the fifth.” Everyone but Darla laughed. “Who wants a refill?” Sarah and Jacquie handed me their wine glasses, and I headed into the kitchen to top them off. On my way out of the living room, I heard Darla say, “How… how would you do it?”

“Do what, Darla?”

Darla cleared her throat a couple of times before answering. “Y-you know. Sp-spank someone.”

Sarah saw me re-enter the living room and got up to take her wine glass. I walked over to Jacquie and handed hers over, giving her a look that should have made her behave. But I knew she wouldn’t listen because Jacquie lived to misbehave.

“Well, Darla. You could use a paddle or a flogger or a crop.” 

Sarah piped up. “Well, you can’t just go at it like that. You’d have to restrain them first.”

Darla looked extremely uncomfortable and gulped down the rest of her wine. Jacquie took Darla’s discomfort as a challenge.

“I always carry a ball gag and handcuffs. Though you could also use a dog collar and leash.”

“Do you prefer to use hemp or silk rope, Jacquie?” 

“Hemp. Especially when they’ve been bad.” She winked at Sarah. “I save the silk for those who behave. But when they’re really bad, I prefer to use my studded paddle or leather glove.”

I tucked my feet underneath me. “I find that sensory deprivation prior to the spanking makes it even better.” 

Darla’s eyes went round. “What about knives? Do you ever. You know? Cut them?”

Sarah and Jacquie laughed with pleasure, but Jacquie answered. “If that’s what I’m in the mood for. Sure.” 

“What if they’re not into that stuff?” Darla’s voice got a little stronger. 

I raised an eyebrow. “Then you’re with the wrong person. You always want to make sure you’re with someone who gets pleasure out of being hurt in similar ways that give you pleasure. That’s the key.”

“But doesn’t that make you, like, depraved? I’ve seen so many crime shows that talk about killers who get turned on by hurting their victims.” 

“No, Darla. Those people, men usually, are sick and twisted and get off on hurting people without their consent. Murder is always the end result. Finding a partner who would let you torture them within a breath a death, or even one whose kink is being murdered is… well, it’s rare.” I shrugged. “However, even if they left a video stating that they give consent to be murdered, you’re still going to jail for the rest of your life. Probably even get the death penalty.” 

Sarah looked at me. “Well, I work in a pharmacy. I could get insulin over the counter.”

“Don’t forget, under the tongue. Or between the toes. But, if you want to make sure there are absolutely no needle marks found, you could always do it between the ass cheeks.” Jacquie sat in the chair like royalty. As if she were the queen imparting her wisdom to her subjects. I always loved that confidence. 

I looked at Darla until she met my eyes. “I’ve found the best place on a man is the meatus.” 

Darla’s face twisted into confusion. “The what?”

Sarah laughed and patted Darla on the thigh. “Oh, honey. You’re so repressed. The meatus is the hole at the tip of the penis.”

That became too much for Darla and she jumped up, grabbed her purse, and quickly headed to the door. “I, uh, have to go.” 

Jacquie and Sarah both got up as well, laughing. “I suppose we should head home too.” Jacquie gave me a quick hug, tucked her arm around Sarah’s, and they both walked down the driveway to their car. I waved as my friends left, then locked the front door and headed to my room. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door, smiling as I saw my neighbor kneeling at the foot of my bed.  

I grabbed a small zipper bag from the top of my dresser and faced him. “Would you do anything for me?” I removed a syringe from the bag and traced the needle tip from his cheek, down his throat, resting it in the hollow of his neck. 

“Yes,” he said breathily. His eyes remained downcast, but I could see his shoulders flex as he struggled with the urge to look at me. 

“Would you die for me?” I put pressure on the needle, watching it indent his skin.


I smiled and replaced the syringe with a scalpel from the bag. “Good boy.”

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