CJ Landry

Occasional writer, often wanderer, horrible speller, broken thinker, incessant lover of all things ineffable, neutral evil and serious about it. CJ Landry is a multi-genre writer who loves to write a good revenge story with a female villain. 

She runs several projects, such as her Facebook group, CJ’s Murder Freaks. CJ is a founder and administrator for the online magazine InThePantheon.com, which publishes modern mythology. She is also a board member of Rewritten Realms, a small indie publishing house that runs InThePantheon.com and InTheCrescent.com

Along with the books that she publishes, she also writes as the goddess Hera for In the Pantheon and as the character Jesmy Vale for In the Crescent. CJ is also the creator of 5 Minute Affairs.

Fun Fact: She lives with a healthy fear of sharks because one day they will evolve to live on the land and become humanity’s greatest predator. Don’t believe her? Google the Epaulet shark. You’re welcome.

You can connect with her via her LinkTr.ee