The Feminist

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She is working on her doctoral thesis about the effects of genetically modified seeds given to third world countries with access to running water. I looked at her across the room and smiled. 

We went for a drink and she got white girl wasted and kept going on about how the current administration is ignoring the effect we have on the economy of poorer countries when we remove troops or businesses. I let her go on until I get her home. 

She throws up in the Uber. She wakes up alone in my bed, embarrassed and won’t stop apologizing. I feed her breakfast and let her shower. 

After 5 minutes, to her shock, I join her. She keeps saying she’s never been with a woman before. I tell her to put her lips a little lower. 

We spend our days at different rallies and protests and our nights wrapped up in each other. After 8 months I kiss her and agree to meet her at our favorite farm to table vegan restaurant. She shows. I don’t. 

Instead, I send her neighbor Justine who has been in love with her for years but didn’t have the courage to approach her. I send a note with Justine. It says, “Remember where your mouth goes.. xx.” 

They end up spending the rest of their lives together.

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