The Lie

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You lied to me. The bitter taste of it hung in my mouth. You lied. My body trembled. My falling tear moistened my lips. The taste of salt mixed with the bitterness that was already there. Colour drained from my face. 

I blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. I took a deep breath and tried to compose my thoughts. They swirled around, mocking my happiness. The lie filled my head, becoming bigger and bigger. It imprinted itself on all our best memories. Our past adventures, our future plans, they all now brandished this lie. The world had view would never be the same. The words hung in the air between us as I stared at you. The tear streaming down my face had now reached my chin. You reached your hand up to wipe it away, and my memories flashed at me. You had made this gesture countless times before, only now, instead of being sweet, it was tainted. The feeling of betrayal overtook me and the shock I felt quickly turned to anger. I turned my head away from you, not letting you touch me. Your hand hung for a moment in the empty air before dropping to your side. You sighed as if my rejection hurt you. The words I needed to say would take inner strength. I stood there motionless and trembling, as the lie played tricks on my mind-or was it that I played tricks on myself, and the lie exposed the truth? I struggled to stay standing, willing my legs not to betray me too. My eyes closed, and I drew a sharp breath, my chest tight with anxiety. I thought about what my next words would be. 

I turned back to look at you. You had a long face, your misted eyes were looking at the ground. They darted left, right, stole a quick glance at me, but then dropped back to the floor. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to speak. The words got stuck in my teeth. I opened and closed my mouth a couple of times, licked my lips, and swallowed again. I clenched my fists, willed my legs to hold me up straight, took a deep breath, and said the words that would shatter both our hearts. My voice broke, and I whispered.

“…I lied too.”

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