Transmission Ended

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Calling Occupants of Interplanetary craft; 

There has been unauthorized external communication traced to this vessel. Prepare to be boarded and searched. 

“Oh shoot, Cass. They traced it to the Nova-Arc. We’re in so much trouble!” 

“Shut up Es, this is all because of you!” 

“But you said you could do it!”

“But that we shouldn’t do it!”

All occupants of Nova-Arc II, report to the mess for inspection of communication devices. 

“Come on, Es, we have to go. If we don’t go, it will be so much worse.”

“I can’t go, Cass. They will kick me off the vessel, and they will force me to terraform on XL76. All I wanted to do was to send him a message.”

“I know Es. Calm down. The good news is that we could transmit the message. He got it! He knows our ships will meet soon! Now it’s time to fess up. If we’re honest, they could be lenient with us, and let us still board the ship when it docks.”

Occupants of rooms B1089 and B1112 report to mess immediately for inspection. 

“Cass, I’m sorry. I can’t go down for this. I love him. And I love you, but they will not catch me.” 

“Get out of the airlock, Es! You can’t leave me here!”

“I’m not going to XL76. I’m not a criminal!”

Airlock engaged. Stand clear. 

“Goodbye Cassiopia. Tell him I love him when you see him.”

There has been an unauthorized airlock release in zone B1200. 

“STELLA! Noooo!” 

“Occupant B1112, please stand clear of the bay doors.” 

“That was my best friend, Stella. She gave her life to send the love of her life a message that she would see him soon. You scared her!”

“Occupant B1112, please return to your room and await a security officer for further questions” 






“Stella? Occupant B1089 was Stella?”

He pulled off his helmet, watching as security personnel dragged the sobbing, limp girl back to her room. He shook his head and stared out the porthole, a single tear falling from his cheek. 

Unauthorized Airlock release detected in zone B1200. 

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