Unheard Heart

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I hate hospitals. I really need to get out of here, Jade thought, as she hurriedly searched for an exit amongst the endless labyrinth of corridors that all looked the same. She had been visiting an elderly relative who’d recently had a nasty fall. Her haste soon had her lost in the maze of hallways. The hospital smell penetrated her senses. She raised her hand to cover her mouth, trying to block out the smell of iodine and death. A shiver ran through her and she walked faster.

Jade dashed down a corridor lined with rooms, halting suddenly, an invisible force pulling her back to an open door. She hesitated before backstepping. She knew she shouldn’t impose on whoever was in the room, but curiosity and the unexplainable feeling that something in that room belonged to her got the better of her.

Gingerly, she peered around the open door. Inside the darkened room, she saw the silhouette of what turned out to be a young man in a bed, hooked up to a spaghetti junction of wires and machines. The slow monotonous beeping of a heart monitor echoed through the empty room, like the radar of a submarine lost in the depths of the ocean.

Jade felt the irresistible pull once more towards the nameless stranger. She stared long and hard at the planes of his face, confused by the butterflies that hammered in her stomach. His handsome face mesmerized her. Her eyes strayed to his full lips. They still maintained a vibrant pink color despite his precarious predicament. She imagined what they would feel like against hers; soft, plump and moist. She flushed at the thought. Feeling like she was losing her mind, but driven by forces beyond her control, she pulled up a chair, slightly scraping it along the floor, cringing at the screeching sound. She nervously glanced around for any signs that her impromptu visit had been discovered. Confident that she hadn’t been caught, she reached for his smooth hand, noticing how long and slender his fingers were. She held on, knowing what she was doing was wrong in every way but unable to help herself… she needed desperately to touch this beautiful man. Tears welled up in her dark green eyes.

“I don’t know who you are or even why I’m here right now, but if you can hear me, then you must be able to feel me,” she whispered, through the tirade of confusing emotions consuming her body.

Her thumb lightly stroked the top of his warm hand, accidentally catching the tube that was embedded in his flesh. Fuck, she thought to herself. “I’m sorry,” she fumbled. “I’m a klutz on a good day.” She laughed at her personal analysis.

“Who are you?” She sighed. “I felt you as I walked past- but I’ve never met you. I don’t even know your name.”

She barked out a sharp laugh, mumbling to herself, “this is fucking ridiculous!”

Shaking her head, she got up and headed for the door. As soon as she stepped one foot into the empty hallway, a feeling of loss slammed into her. She bent over, cradling her stomach as if she had been physically struck. She felt as if she was leaving something precious in that room, something beautiful. Turning on her heels, she rushed back in.

“Ok, I don’t know what the hell is going on here but, apparently, I can’t leave you,” she chuckled, confused by her own admission.

“I really hope you don’t mind if I sit here for a while. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got nowhere to be.”

She sat on her hands to resist the urge to stroke a finger across his perfect lips, which was surrounded by the tape that held his breathing apparatus in place.

Jade’s heart sped up, her mouth going dry. She was baffled by the sensations that filled her. Could he be her soul mate? She laughed out loud, placing her head in her hands. When she looked back up, her heart accelerated even faster, the pull towards this beautiful stranger intensifying with every second. It took her breath away. She wished she could see his eyes.

She scoured the room for an insight into his identity. Her eyes rested on the chart at the end of the bed. She reached for it, fumbling in her haste. It crashed to the floor with a loud slap. “Shit, I’m sorry, I warned you.” She smirked at the oblivious stranger whilst scouring the pages.

Brian Revel is typed in bold at the top of the page. She smiled, rolling the name around her mind.

An unfamiliar voice interrupts, just as she is about to speak.

“Oh hello, are you the doctor? I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

Spinning around, Jade faces a tall blonde, who would have been pretty if she wasn’t totally exhausted. Jade’s eyes home in on the slim wedding band on her left hand.

“I’m just a nurse on my way home. I thought I’d check in on Brian.” She hoped that was really his name and her deceit wouldn’t be discovered.

“Thank you,” the woman replied gratefully.

Jade hurried from the room without looking back. The loss she felt was crippling as she searched for the exit. She wiped the tears that were now falling freely and stepped out into the cool, crisp night.


A few hours later, Brian awakened from his coma. Confused and afraid, his wide eyes scan the room as he gags on the rubber tube in his throat.

The nurses dash in, Brian’s eyes become heavy once more. He sees his sister, Julia, standing back with a worried but reassuring smile on her face.

“Rest, Brian, you’ve been through a lot.”

Her attempt at comfort does little. Her voice is not the one he seeks.

His eyes scan the bright room one last time before they close again.

Where are you?

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