Victoria Moxley

Victoria Moxley is many things.

She is a former prison sergeant that’s been writing for the voices in her head since 2000. Most of her writing can be found on various platforms and blogs. If she’s not writing, she’s gaming, making graphics/gifs, or building mods to bring the worlds of books and gods to Skyrim.

Currently, she’s working on an episodic Greek Gods alternate universe mob trope story, a zombie apocalypse novel, a YA fantasy novel, and several short story collections. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also working as a pharmacy tech, going back to college, and doing some beta reading for good measure. Because being a Domme and nerdy gaming goth girl wasn’t fulfilling enough for her. Oh, and we can’t forget her contributions over at

Fun Fact: She can wrangle mice, rats, snakes, and scorpions. The only thing she’s deathly afraid of is geckos. Yes, those creepy little pink guys. They send her screaming and crying. (Flying is also terrifying, but she can easily avoid that. Geckos are far too common in Texas)

You can connect with her through her