What are 5 Minute Affairs?

Back in November 2019, CJ headed over to Barnes and Nobel in order to sit in their cafe and get some writing done. Normally, she would find a spot in the back and hide from the world so she didn’t have any distractions. On this day, however, there was a man sitting at one of the front tables. His head was bent over his laptop and he was furiously working on something. CJ usually wouldn’t pay attention to anyone else who happens to be there. She would just go to write and drink tea. But there was something about this man.

As she walked past him, her feet shuffled and her head turned towards him. She’s not ashamed to say that she was pretty taken by his profile. She enjoyed the eye candy at the moment and walked to the back of the cafe but as she was getting ready to set everything down, her feet decided they were going to take over and she ended up sitting at a table directly behind him. One may call this fate or serendipity or sheer dumb luck, but as she took off her jacket a story flash through her head. So she did what any red-blooded woman would do and took a picture of him to share with her girlfriends.

Her conversation with them was fairly short, but it included this “affair” that she had in her head prior to messaging them. They were super supportive of her decision to leave the relationship and kept going on how strong she was. That was the first 5-minute affair. The next day, she went back to the same cafe and saw someone new. She again took a picture and sent it to her girlfriends, along with the short affair that popped into her head when she saw this man. And thus, 5 Minute Affairs was born.

But what is an affair, we hear you ask. You know when you’re out, and about doing your thing and you just start people watching. Most of the time you imagine what their life is like–the good and the bad and then you move on about your day. That’s an affair for us. It literally happens in 5-minutes. We see someone and have that flash of an affair, take their picture, edit it so it’s not easily recognizable, and write it up. After we’ve got it all together, it gets posted here on the website and then uploaded to the Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Originally, CJ walked the path of this project alone until the death of her mother took the joy out of writing. This website sat dormant for over a year until she finally found her mojo again. This time, however, she wanted to share her passion with other people, so she recruited (and probably begged a little) Victoria and Kelsey and started taking submissions.